Ciao Milano Yvonne Puffer Vest

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Ciao Milano Puffer Vest  (These run small)

style YVONNE - light weight down filled puffer jacket with velvet and embellished trim.  For an additional feature the jacket converts into an AIRPLANE PILLOW, perfect for traveling.  Fabric is water resistance.

Care Instructions - Best results for washing rain jackets and down items: Enclose your item in a pillow case and tie the end of the pillow case in a knot. Delicate wash cold water. Put pillow case and tumble dry. Dry clean or hand wash, line dry.  On down product you might want to add a couple of tennis balls in the pillow case.  

Size chart   XS- 0-2    S- 2-4   M- 6-8   L- 10-12   XL- 12-14   DEPENDING ON bust size could go up one size.